Long Reach Water Bottle holder

Many musicians keep a bottle of water (or other beverage) handy during performances. Sometimes however, there isn't any convenient place to put it, or any way to keep it from falling over. There are commercial bottle holders which clamp on to the side of a microphone stand, but these require that the microphone stand be right next to the musician. none which attach directly to a microphone boom for close availability without taking up precious floor space.

This bottle holder was designed for a musician (such as a drummer or stand-up bass player) who cannot reach a conventional water bottle holder.

This was designed so that it could be attached either directly to the microphone stand or mounted at the end of a microphone boom (as seen in the photo below). The bottle holder itself is made of garolite and high-strength epoxy, painted matte black and baked. Garolite & epoxy resin were chosen for their toughness and durability, as well as being able to be baked to increase the durability of the paint.

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