Low-cost Home Office Computer Center

The Computer/Office Center seen below was designed with a tight budget and short timeframe in mind. The desktop is made of countertops purchased from a local home improvement store, and trimmed to size. The bookshelves are also pre-fabricated shelving units purchased from the same store and trimmed to size. The supporting structure was pre-fabricated in the shop, made out of ordinary plywood and painted white for a clean look.

The most time-consuming on-site part of this project was the placement and levelling of the support brackets to the wall (above left and right). The use of pre-finished melamine shelving, and the pre-made countertops allowed for an enormous saving of time and money. The support brackets seen mounted (above right) on the wall are double layer plywood with embedded machine thread T-Nuts to allow a strong permanent connection to the back board. The tapered pattern allows the brackets to support the full weight of the bookshelves seen below right, while staying out of the way of the user's knees.

Since this installation is in California, the top surfaces of all of the bookshelves are bolted together with plywood (hidden) for earthquake safety, and adjacent bookcases are bolted together. This includes a large 90 degree corner on the top to prevent toppling over. The base of the bookshelves is screwed firmly to the countertop from underneath to prevent movement in the case of an earthquake.

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