Custom Golf Cart Cover

Protecting equipment from the weather is a common requirement during the off-season. A common limitation is storage space. This is particularly true for a golf cart which is normally stored on a trailer. The weight of a standard tarp was more than the users wanted to cope with, but yet the entire cart had to be protected. The solution was to start with a tarp large enough to cover the entire cart, and then "tailor" it to fit snugly, and make putting it on and taking it off as easy as possible.

The Golf Cart Cover seen below was designed to protect a "summer-only" golf cart (used for an emergency response team). The base material is a silver colored exterior-grade tarp. This was measured, cut and sewn with industrial sized zippers on the two front corners to ease application and removal. The planning and assembly photos show the extent to which Singular Engineering can work on projects of wildly varying size.

Below left is the trailer-mounted cart used by the Emergency Response team. The cover is shown (below right) covering most of the cart, but with the zippers opened to demonstrate how it is put on the cart.

With the cover down and in place (below left), it only remains to pull the zippers completely closed (below right) to protect the cart from the weather for the winter.

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