LED Camp Lantern

Reading in bed is a popular pasttime, but not everyone in the same tent wants to while camping. Propane and white-gas lanterns pose serious fire danger in a tent, and the flourescent lanterns in common use light up the entire tent. This can interfere with those who wish to sleep. The solution was to develop a local light, with a stable base so as to be steady on an uneven surface, variable light levels, and a long life.

The LED Camp Lantern seen below was designed to meet all of those requirements. Developed in 1995, when white LEDs were in their infancy, (and very expensive) this lantern has three sets of white LEDs. By using the two rocker switches mounted on the base, one can turn on the center LEDs, the outer side LEDs or all 3 of them, depending on the illumination desired.

Although made technically obsolete by modern fixtures, it is an example of the flexibility and resourcefullness of Singular Engineering's product design, and is still in service.

The "head" of the lamp is shown below (left and right) with and without the diffuser in place.

The lantern is powered by two lantern batteries (below left), which together provide 12 volts DC, and a life span of several years of normal use. The wiring is shown (below right) of the dual rocker switches and the base mounting of the twin gooseneck stalks which support the top of the lantern.

The two photos below were taken without flash in a dark room to show the actual light output of the LED Lantern. It has sufficient light for easy reading.

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