Light-Weight Shed Roof

Many times, home owners want extra outdoor storage, but don't like the cramped size of commercially available storage sheds, and don't need a full building either. What they want is something to protect tools and such from sun and rain, and long-term durability. With the addition of a concrete pad underneath, this solution provides a safe place for storage and maintenance of power and yard tools. Because it is of limited square footage, and clearly not intended for human habitation, it also does not require a building permit in many communities. While there is a lead time for securing and preparing the materials, the actual installation and assembly is fast and non-intrusive.

The Light-Weight Shed Roof seen below was designed to last for decades. Although the roof structure itself is very light weight, the four posts supporting it are heavy gage steel which are embedded in two feet of concrete footings below the concrete slab. For long-term protection, the posts have been cleaned, primed and finished over their entire length - prior to being installed in concrete. All of the upper structure is composed of light-weight sheet-metal struts joined with screws. Where additional strength is needed for the longer spans, multiples of these struts are screwed together for rigidity. The only wood in the structure is the 1/2" plywood for the roof shingles to be nailed to. The final color for the steel framing was produced by having a computer-based paint-color-matching system take a "sample" of an old weathered piece of fence material so that the structure would blend in from day one. The underside of the roof and all structural members are painted white to help with lighting. The lights underneath are compact flourescents inside plastic globes to protect them from impact by garden implements. Please note that all electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

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